10 Tips for Fun Summer Savings

After the cold winter months of Wisconsin, summer is always a welcome season. It can also make a dent in your wallet if you’re not watching your spending. Here are some tips to keep your budget on track without sacrificing the fun.

1. Find Free Summer Events. Wisconsin is full of festivals, craft fairs, movies in the park, and outdoor music concerts. Many offer free or affordable admission. You can attend several of these events for the price of an expensive theme park pass. Bring your own snacks and beverages (if the venue permits) to keep the cost down even more.

2. Visit the Library. Your local library not only has books and movies you can borrow, they also host events like story time, arts and crafts, etc. Go online to find out what programs they have to offer. Save a trip to the library by checking out their digital selection!

3. Get Your Grill On. Give your AC a break and take the cooking outside. It will help keep your house cool and keep some of the mess out of the kitchen. Set up some yard games to play with the family while you’re watching the grill and create some memories while you’re at it.

4. Explore the Great Outdoors. There is no shortage of beautiful parks within driving distance. Some parks may charge an entry fee per carload, so visit the DNR website before you go. If you plan to visit many parks a Summer Pass might be worth the cost.

5. Pack a Picnic. Skip the restaurant for a night and dust off your picnic basket. Fill it with your favorite foods and grab a blanket so you can enjoy your meal outside. Pack some games to play or take it along for a free outdoor concert for an entertaining evening.

6. Save on Utilities. Investing in a programmable thermostat will allow you to put your home’s temperature on a schedule. Program it to be warmer while you are working during the day, and cooler when your family is home in the evening. You can also reduce your AC bill by closing the blinds and curtains to keep the sun’s rays out. Check the seals on those windows and doors as well to make sure your cool air isn’t leaking out. During the summer, you’ll also want your ceiling fans to run counterclockwise to push cool air down.

7. Cut Out Cable. If you’re busy exploring this summer, then consider canceling your cable package. There are many streaming options available for rainy days. So, take advantage of some savings and the few warm months we have, and get outside to enjoy other television-free activities.

8. Host a Rummage Sale. Who doesn’t love a good rummage sale? Clean out the attic and invite a few friends to join you in hosting a multifamily sale! You’ll free up some space in your home and the money you rake in could go toward building an emergency fund, paying off debt or towards a family vacation.

9. Wash Your Clothes in Cold Water. Not only will your clothes still get clean, you’ll save energy. Just moving that temperature setting on the washer from hot to warm could cut each load’s energy use in half!

10. Shut Some Doors. Do you have rooms you don’t use regularly? Keeping the doors and vents closed to those rooms could help you save a bundle. Your AC unit won’t have to pump air to those rooms, which means you’ll have less house to keep cool allowing it to work more efficiently.