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External Transfers

BLC Community Bank offers external account-to-account transfers using TransferNow, which allows you to conveniently move money between your BLC Community Bank account and your accounts at other financial institutions in the United States with a few simple clicks.

    Use external transfer the next time you need to...

    • Make a loan payment
    • Transfer money into a joint account for shared household expenses.
    • Put money in a vacation fund to help with travel budgeting.
    • Move money from a savings account for emergency expenses.

    How to Add External Transfer Accounts

    Online Banking


    Sign in to BLC Community Bank Online Banking and click the Transfer tab, then select the Launch External Transfer button.


    Click Add a New Account under Manage Accounts and enter the routing and account numbers for your external accounts.

    Mobile Banking

    To use External Transfers in Mobile Banking, you must activate the feature in Online Banking first.


    Simply download the BLC Community Bank mobile app through your app store.


    Once downloaded, go to Transfer & Pay, then Make an external transfer.


    Select an account to transfer money to and from.

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    Account Verification Process

    Please note that whether you use online or mobile banking for external transfers, you’ll need to verify that you are the account owner.

    To verify your account, you can either:

    1. Verify instantly by logging into your external bank account so we can confirm you own the account. Please note that not all accounts can be instantly verified. If your account can’t be instantly verified, you’ll receive a notice and be directed to verify your account as noted in option 2 below.


    2. Verify small deposits posted to your bank account in 1 to 2 business days. BLC Community Bank will make two test deposits and one test withdrawal into the account you are adding. You’ll need to look at the transactions of the account you are adding to identify the test deposits. You’ll then be asked to enter the two deposit amounts in External Account Transfer to verify you own the account.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are external account-to-account transfers?

    Within online and mobile banking, you can transfer money between your BLC Community Bank account and accounts you own at other financial institutions. Click the “Transfers” tab and then External Transfers to set up one-time or recurring external transfers.

    What types of accounts can I use for external transfers?

    You can transfer money from and to your BLC personal checking account, savings account, or money market. You can even make your mortgage payment online - no checks or branch visits required. Please check with your other financial institution for limitations regarding the accounts that can be sent to and from at that institution.

    Can I make an external transfer from my mobile device?

    Yes, once you have activated External Transfer in Online Banking, simply sign into BLC Mobile Banking and click the “Transfer and Pay” tab. From there, select “Make an external transfer.”

    Can I use external transfers to move money to an account owned by another person?


    No, you may only transfer money between accounts that you own. To transfer money to someone else, please use the Zelle® service in Online or Mobile Banking.

    Can I use the external account-to-account transfer service for internal transfers?

    No, please use the “Transfers” tab within Online Banking to transfer money between your BLC accounts. There is no charge for internal transfers using the “Transfers” tab.

    How quickly will my transferred funds appear in my account?

    BLC Community Bank offers two transfer options: Standard and Express.

    • Standard transfers arrive in the receiving account within three business days. Clients will be eligible for Standard transfers automatically, and will qualify for Express Transfers upon meeting activity and minimum balance thresholds.
    • Express transfers, limited to qualifying accounts, will arrive in the receiving account on the next business day.
    Multiple transfer options can be selected including one-time, recurring, or future-dated transfers.

    Is there a waiting period after enrolling?

    Depending on whether your account can be instantly verified, or if you will be asked to make verify trial deposits, the process can take up to two business days to verify your accounts prior to making your first transfer.

    Who is eligible for External Transfer?

    In order to use BLC Community Bank's External Transfer feature in Online or Mobile Banking, you must maintain your account in good standing. BLC Community Bank reserves the right to disable this feature at any time.

    Where can I get help or more information?

    Contact our Deposit Operations Department at (920) 788-4141.

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