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Bill Pay

Paying your bills is as easy as 1-2-3 with BLC’s online Bill Pay. Just click on the Bill Pay tab in the top toolbar when signed into online banking, have a bill you need to pay handy and you will be walked through the easy steps to pay your bill. Once you have added a person or company to your Payment Center, you can start paying bills.

If you are a BLC Business Customer, please call us to enroll (920) 788-4141 and ask for Deposit Operations.

Who can I pay using Bill Pay?

Use Bill Pay to pay companies and people within the United States. Pay anyone that you would normally pay by check; companies, service providers, friends and family members. We don’t recommend using Bill Pay to make state and federal tax payments.

Scheduling payments

Once you have added a person or company to your Payment Center, you are ready to schedule a payment. A calendar will show you when the next available settlement can occur, many times within 5 business days or less. If you prefer a later date, for budgeting purposes, you may choose a different date.

If you have overlooked a bill and need to “rush” a payment, you may be given an option for same day or rush delivery. There are additional fees for this service and before scheduling the payment, you will receive a warning message that includes the fee.

What if my payee is not listed?

No problem! If the company, service or friend you wish to pay is not in the list provided, simply follow the prompts to enter your biller’s information.

With Bill Pay you can set up repetitive payments, pay bills when you will be out of town, review a list of your pending payments or a list of completed payments you have made in the last 45 days. You can also set up reminders for bills that are due each month, like credit card payments.

Need help? Don’t worry; call Bill Pay Customer Service at (844) 753-7438, 6:00am – 12:00am CST, 7 days a week. You will have a Customer Care Representative at your fingertips.

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