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Mobile Banking

BLC Mobiliti is a safe and convenient way to access your accounts directly from your mobile phone or tablet. With BLC Mobiliti you can have peace of mind and more control over your money because your account information is literally within reach whenever and wherever you need it! At work, home, traveling, or just running errands, mobile banking can be accessed anytime, from just about anywhere.

With BLC Mobiliti you can:

  • Check balances
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • View account history
  • Receive account alerts
  • Deposit Checks


Mobiliti requires enrollment in BLC’s Online Banking. Have more questions about mobile banking, registration or enrollment? BLC Mobiliti FAQ’s give you all the information you need to begin.

When you are ready to enroll, log on to online banking and click on the Options Tab to register your text or internet enabled phone.

BLC Community Bank does not charge a fee for Mobiliti, but carrier message and data rates may apply.


Download on the App Store   Get it on Google Play


Download on the App Store    Get it on Google Play

BLC Mobiliti Frequently Asked Questions

What is BLC Mobiliti?

BLC Mobiliti is our mobile banking solution that features all three mobile access devices (i.e., SMS or text messaging, mobile web browser or WAP and downloadable application). BLC Mobiliti offers customers the opportunity to view balances, account history, make transfers, and receive alert messages all from the convenience of their mobile phone or tablet.

How much does BLC Mobiliti cost?

BLC Community Bank does not charge a fee for Mobiliti, however check your data service contract, Message and Data Rates may apply. 

What types of devices are compatible with BLC Mobiliti?

Mobiliti is comprised of three distinct delivery channels to meet the varying and evolving needs of our customers:

  • SMS or Text Messaging-uses text messages to obtain account specific information and returns the information to your mobile phone.
  • Mobile Browser or WAP-uses the browser on your mobile phone to perform transactions.
  • Downloadable Application-uses a mobile application that is downloaded and installed on mobile devices to perform transactions.

What about security, is mobile banking safe?

BLC Mobiliti employs industry best practices with regards to security. It has been assessed against industry security criteria by a number of independent system security experts. At a high level, Mobiliti offers the following security safeguards:

  • Authentication-Mobile browser and application solution clients are authenticated for every session with Mobiliti, using your existing Online Banking security information. Remember: Password changes are required every 180 days for security reasons. When you change your password in Online Banking, you will need to use the new password in BLC Mobiliti.
  • Encryption-128-bit encryption is used for all communications within Mobiliti.
  • Hidden Account numbers-Assign nicknames to your accounts in Online Banking. When using Mobiliti the nickname appears instead of account numbers.
  • Only trust short codes you recognize, BLC’s short code is 96924.
  • Failed logon attempts will lock the device. You must call BLC Community Bank to have it unlocked.

BLC Community Bank strongly recommends safeguarding your mobile device(s). 

Just like computers, mobile phones and tablets are the ongoing targets of malware attacks. Here are some tips from the Better Business Bureau:

  • Lock your device. Whether you use a password, PIN or pattern, set a screen lock on your device to add one more layer of protection if your phone is lost or stolen.
  • Understand how malware works. Be aware of the different ways that the malware passes into the different mobile phone operating systems. Do not open emails or text messages that look questionable. Limit the apps that you choose to download.
  • Do not open messages from unknown senders. Do not click on links, open attachments or reply to messages that are from a network or email that is not secure or trustworthy and make sure to completely delete the message from your inbox.
  • Update your software. It is important to make sure that the applications are up to date so that they can better protect the phone. Install anti-virus software to help protect your phone. Run a full virus scan immediately on your phone if you click on any questionable links.
  • Be cautious with unknown servers. Be wary about connecting to unknown wireless servers. These could pass malware onto your device.
  • Enable storage encryption. This will help protect the data stored on your cell phone in the event it is lost or stolen, assuming you have it password protected!
  • Review the security setting on your device to ensure appropriate protection. Be sure to encrypt data transmissions whenever possible.
  • Before disposing of the device, be sure to wipe all data from it.

Is my personal information stored on my phone or tablet?

No, your device does not save any files with personal or financial information. Your information stays strictly within online banking.

Is software required to be installed on my phone or tablet?

No software is required if you access online banking through the website. Software is required if you choose to download and install the smart phone or tablet App.

How do I enroll in BLC Mobiliti?

Enrollment is simple, you will be walked through each step of the process. You may enroll when prompted in Online Banking or you can enroll any time by clicking on the Options Tab. Make sure you have your mobile phone by your computer, and if your device is password protected, you will need the password to download the App.

Which product is right for me?

It depends on the type of device you have.

  • IPhone or Android-Download the Mobile App
  • Web Access Phone-a phone that allows internet but does not have App capability, select Mobile Browser Banking
  • Text Phone-no internet capability, just texting allowed, select Text Messaging

How do I install the smart phone or tablet App?

When you sign up for BLC Mobiliti through Online Banking, you will be supplied with instructions on how to download the BLC App.

Does BLC Mobiliti have a SMS/Texting Short Code?

Yes, the short code is 96924. You must first enroll through Online Banking to link your device with your Online Banking profile for this Short Code to work. Message and Data Rates may apply.

Is there a waiting period after enrolling?

No, once you’ve enrolled and activated the service, BLC Mobiliti is ready to use!

What accounts can I access using BLC Mobiliti?

You will have access to the same accounts that are viewable through Online Banking. When going through Mobiliti registration, you choose the accounts you wish to access. Need to do maintenance to the accounts you have selected? Logon to Online Banking, Options tab, Mobile profile, my accounts.

How do I make changes to my BLC Mobiliti profile after I have enrolled?

Maintenance is done through Online Banking, Options tab, Mobile profile.

Why should I nickname my accounts?

BLC Community Bank recommends nicknaming your accounts for security reasons and for ease in text banking since you will have to type this information in each time you send us a text message. A good example of a nickname for your personal checking account is C1. Message and Data Rates may apply.

Can I add more than one mobile phone or tablet?

Yes. To add another device, log onto Online Banking, click on the Options tab, Mobile profile, my devices. Follow the steps in Mobile Banking. Although you can have more than one device, you cannot have more than one Online Banking profile assigned to the same device. (ex: a personal Online Banking profile and a business Online Banking profile).

What do I do if my cell phone is lost or stolen?

If your cell phone is lost or stolen, report it immediately to your carrier. Then deactivate mobile online banking through your computer, log onto Online Banking, click on the Options tab, Mobile profile, my devices, or call BLC Community Bank (920) 788-4141 and we will be happy to help.

Which mobile service carriers support BLC Mobiliti?

BLC Mobiliti works on all major mobile service carriers in the U.S. AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular and Verizon Wireless. It also works on a number of the smaller service carriers including but not limited to, Boost Mobile, Pioneer Cellular, Union Wireless and Virgin Mobile USA.

I have a prepaid plan, can I use BLC Mobiliti?

Mobiliti works with most prepaid plans, but we cannot guarantee that your carrier supports standard U.S. short codes. Check with your carrier. BLC Mobiliti short code is 96924. T-Mobile prepaid does not support short codes.

What if I need help or want to cancel BLC Mobiliti?

  • For Help: Text “Help” on your mobile phone to shortcode 96924
  • To Cancel: Text “Stop” on your mobile phone to shortcode 96924 or deactivate through Online Banking, Options tab, Mobile profile, my devices. Message and Data Rates may apply.

Where can I get help or more information?

Contact our Deposit Operations Department at (920) 788-4141.

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