No matter what you may or may not be celebrating this holiday gift giving season, chances are high that you’ll enter next year with a new gadget or smart toy.

While technology gifts and gadgets are useful tools (or just plain fun!), they may take a little more setup to ensure they’re as safe as possible to use. Any time an electronic can connect to the Internet, it becomes vulnerable to outside threats.

Today, it’s common for gadgets and technology gifts to have the ability to connect to the Internet along with having cameras, and audio and recording capabilities.

Following are a few tips on how to set up your new technology devices to keep you more secure:

Turn Off Your Location

Location tracking might be turned on automatically. Disable this  capability anytime you’re not actively using this feature.

Cover the Camera

Everything from phones to televisions to children’s stuffed toys have cameras in them now. When not in use, keep the camera covered, or better yet, buy a version without a camera if you don’t need it!

Increase Online Account Security

Enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) on any account that allows it. MFA requires more than one form of credentials be provided before users can login to systems or applications. This might be in the form of answering a security question, texting a one-time code to a mobile phone, or biometric data (like voice or fingerprint).

Like with any toy or product, technology can be a helpful tool when used properly. Be sure to check the settings on current electronics, too, while setting up your new ones.

- Article from BankOnITUSA®

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