Switch Kit

Make the Switch to BLC Community Bank Today!

Switching your accounts is as easy as 1,2,3.

1. Open your new BLC Checking, Saving or Money Market Accounts

  • Review our account options to see which are best for you or your business.
  • Stop by the Bank and speak with one of our Banking Professionals today.

2. Switch your Direct Deposits, Automatic Transactions and Online Banking

  • Use this form (Switch form) to switch Direct Deposits and Automatic Payments to your new BLC account.
  • Enroll in BLC's Online Banking.

3. Close your old accounts

  • Verify that all automatic transactions have been changed to your new BLC account and that all outstanding checks, debits and automated payments have cleared your old account(s).
  • Complete the attached Account Closing Form (Switch form) and send it to your old financial institution to authorize closure of your old account(s).