Individual Retirement Accounts

If you are under age 70 ½, with earned income, open an IRA at BLC Community Bank now and take your first step in building a more secure retirement.

  • Earn high yield interest rates.
  • Contribute 100% of earned income or the annual maximum, whichever is less.
    An individual who reaches age 50 before the close of the taxable year may contribute an additional "catch up" contribution for that taxable year.
  • Consult your tax advisor regarding retirement investing.
IRA Certificate of Deposit
  • Tied to any of our Certificate of Deposit products.
  • Choose the term that suits your needs.
  • Current Rates
IRA Time Deposit Open Account (TDOA)
  • A flexible IRA which allows deposits at any time without extending the 18 month maturity.
  • Interest is compounded daily and credited to your account semi-annually.
  • Current Rates
Roth IRA
  • Consult your tax advisor for allowable withdrawals.
  • Tied to any of our Certificate of Deposit products or a Time Open Account (TDOA).
  • Current Rates

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